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Gel Armor Metatarsal Protection -Youth

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Maximum protection, confidence, and comfort for the foot metatarsals. Can also be used on the hand metatarsals for added protection where you need it. 

Place directly onto desired area and secure with athletic sock or athletic tape.

Available in two adult and youth sizes. Sold in pairs of two (2).

See size chart for details
  • Trimmable to fit your needs
  • Washable
  • Skin safe: hypoallergenic, latex free, dermatologically tested
  • Gel includes mineral oil to moisturize your skin and retain freshness
  • Store product on original backing.
  • Gel side may stain if left over time on fabrics 


Ankle Protection Height (inches) Width (inches)
XL/L 9 4
M/S 7.5 3.5
Bruisers Height (inches) Width (inches)
XL/L 9 4.5
M/S 6 4
Training  Guard Height (inches) Width (inches)
XL/L 5 4
M/S 4 3
Metatarsal Protection Height (inches) Width (inches)
XL/L 6 4
M/S 5.5 3
Youth 5 2.5
Shin Protection Height (inches) Width (inches)
XL/L 9 5
M/S 8 4.5
Youth 7 4

Care Instructions

Hand wash in mild water as needed

Avoid harsh detergents and chemicals

Match Tested 3X Over

Designed by a liscenced United States Soccer Federation Referee, US Soccer liscenced coach, and former player.