What is Gel Armor?

  • Gel Armor is made from patent protected high shear gel technology. Formed into a solid, it is designed to absorb impact forces and distribute them AWAY evenly. Additionally, the gel contains soothing mineral oil to moisturize skin.

  • When a direct impact occurs, our Gel-Shear Technology evenly dispurses the transmitted impluse energy. Traditional shin guards still transmit the impulse energy DIRECTLY onto bones. However together, Gel Armor greatly reduces this impulse force and injury potential.

  • Gel Armor is amazingly flexible. Made to be worn underneath existing shingaurds comfortably. Gel Armor Metatarsal protectors are worn directly on the foot without sacrificing comfort or performance with your existing socks and cleats.

Designed With Your Protection In Mind

Made in the USA, from patented High Shear Gel Technology.

Hypo-Allergenic, Latex Free, Dermatologically Tested

Where do I use Gel Armor?

  • Together with existing Shin Guards

    Pairing Gel Armor and your existing shin guards together, and you've got inredible protection. This is what the research actually says is the ideal shin guard.

    Your bones and skin will thank you!

  • On your shins*

    Perfect for those training sessions and low contact scimmages. Our Trainer* model was specifically design for those who want to let their socks down while having discrete protection without performance sacrifice.

  • Directly on your foot metatarsals

    Gel Armor is THE only direct metatarsal protector out there. Thin, flexible, and designed to work without you even knowing it was there. Great for those coming back from injury to get back in the game sooner and confidence higher.

  • "Other" Category: Bumps & Bruises

    Don't let those bumps and bruises get you down. Gel Armors Bruiser discrete protection can fit anywhere. Cover those bumps and scratches and get back in the game!

  • Ankle Protection

    Gel Armor has developed the first ankle-specific protection in the market for athletes. Use Gel Armor Ankle Protection for when you have those combative moments where you know you've got that added protection to win!

  • Hand Metatarsals

    Just like our popular Gel Armor Metatarsal product, these can be used on your hands where you need them. From baseball, football and soccer goalkeepers, Gel Armor Hand Metatarsals will keep your delicate hands protected.

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